Indianapolis 500


Indianapolis 500 (Bally)
by Cameron Silver
Version: 2
Sunday 30 July 1995 / Monday 13 April 1998

Hello, this is Jim N. I'll take over this FAQ/Rulesheet because this is waaaay too old and there are stuff that needs mentioned..I will leave most of the stuff here for nostalgic purposes/originality. He game me permission to continue since he has to move on to other things. You may e-mail me at I would like to thank Cameron S. for doing a good job of writing this rulesheet.

Hi, and welcome to the Indy 500 rule sheet; compiled by me, Cameron Silver.

You may do what you want with this rulesheet, but please leave my name, and the names of those who helped. Also remember that the game in question, Indy 500, is copyright (C) 1995 by Bally.

Special Thanks

The following people helped in some way to the writing of this rulesheet:

  • Richard H Derr III
  • Dan Farris
  • Scott Piehler

New To This Version


  • Added/Fixed Pole Mode..Green flag award.
  • Minor Fixes
  • Minor errors
  • Left Ramp general award - 2 laps
  • Secret Mode explanation
  • Fixed errors
  • Add pit cow thanks to S.P.
  • Minor fixes
  • Fixed Super Jets
  • Modified other stuff
  • Added Max value for Skill Shot
  • Added Max value for Turbo Combo
  • Added Buy-in rules Easy/Medium Mode
  • Modified POLE 20/30 sec.
  • Added caution not to go over 9.99 billion
  • More commentary (short) for spanner targets
  • Added Limit of Souvenirs
  • Added Green Flag award during Multiball, Pit Mode
  • Modified other Things that careful eyes could watch.
  • New Section: New To This Version.
  • New Section: Speed Ramp. Describes the Right Ramp awards.
  • Corrected the values added during end of ball Bonus.
  • Jackpot values vs Pit Time included in Pit Stop Multiball.
  • More information about locking balls during multiball for Super Jackpot.
  • More information regarding the semantics of collecting souvenirs.
  • Included point values for Light-Up targets.
  • More information about laps being tripled.
  • Pit time corrected to 25 seconds.
  • Number of laps to light Victory Lap corrected to 200.
  • New Section: Special Thanks.
  • Real FTP site added.
  • Description of Plunger included in the playfield description.
  • Added note as to where the Turbo ejects balls (playfield description).
  • Center Hole sometimes starts modes...
  • BASE jackpot can be raised to a max of 50 million.
  • Added more Change Setup awards.
  • Included note of a Pit Stop record.
  • Included notes about the voices, in General Comments.
  • Victory Lap MAY be worth 200 million on some roms.
  • Right Ramp skill shot added.
  • Fast Laps explained (see Speed Ramp)
  • Another Doho found.


Note: A * indicates a new section, while a number (0-9) indicates the amount of editing that section has undergone: 0 is very little, while 9 is a complete re-write.

General Comments

This is really quite a good game. Like The Shadow, it took me a while to get into it, but now that I have some idea of what I'm doing with the game, it's becoming a joy to play.

The sound is great. Now I don't just mean that the sound is of exceptional quality, but it's a nice game to listen to. The music and little tunes are cool, as are the three main voices that help you along the way. Oh yea, there is also one mother of a "mooooo"!!

The three characters in the game are Bobby, Paul and the announcer. Paul and Bobby are TV commentators, while Tom Carnegie (the announcer) is a legend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and has been for 50 years! He has a great voice ... One of the things I love about this game is they way he announces the modes: Dueling Drivers, and Super Light-Ups.

Thanks to Dan Farris for that little bit Indy Trivia!

The other two converse nicely about this and that. I'm a big fan of dialogue exchanges like this, and it's very appropriate to the theme, as the two apparently sound just like this while commentating:

"Driver 1 has a ball in the Turbo, Bobby"
"That's right Paul, another one means a guaranteed multiball."

This game is also the first (to my knowledge) to feature light up targets. A light up target is a square plastic target (a little larger then one of the RIVER targets in White Water, or the REPAIR targets in Dr Who) that is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant can light up. Hit the target 4 times to complete it, and unlight it. In Indy 500, a really cool sound is heard on completion of a target.

Overall I like this game. Dennis Nordman has done a great job of taking a relatively non-humorous theme, and creating a good, fun game full of little surprises and jokes. This was one of the things that I loved about White Water.

Oh and by the way, this game has no sink-holes and lots of targets!

Designer Names

Indy 500 was made possible by:

Dennis Nordman, Mike Boon, Craig Sylla, Dan Hughes, Win Schilling, Armande Zuniga, Chris Granner, Adam Rhine, Brian Morris, Paul Barker, Butch Ortega,

Thanks to: Kevin Davey, Mark Weyna

The Playfield

Indy 500 is in a standard width cabinet, that contains 4 balls.

Note: I have been told that a 'Spanner' is not a common term in some parts of the world, and that the term 'Wrench' is better understood. Personally, I think the two are completely different tools.


In describing the playfield, I'll use the standard r.g.p method of starting at the bottom, and rotating in a clockwise direction. Just remember that the playfield has a lot of stuff on it, and it's not all that easy to describe, especially around the jets.

Autoplunger that sends the ball up a short ramp to a wire-form, that feeds balls to the right inlane. Very much like Theatre of Magic.

Lower Flippers
Standard white flippers.

Standard slingshots, just a little smaller.

In/Out lanes
A letter in the word "INDY" appears at the top of each lane. Rolling through an unlit lane will light the letter, use the flippers to change lit lanes. Complete INDY to light Souvenir on the left ramp if not already lit. There is no kickback. One thing, if you collected all souvenirs, this is useless (you can't collect them again)...It will still say souvenir is lit, don't worry about it.

Hit The Wall targets
Three orange targets sitting above the left inlane. Complete them to light Hit The Wall on the right orbit.

Left Orbit
Standard orbit that goes around the back of the playfield. Balls shot here come out the entrance to the Right Orbit past the upper flipper. It is very much like the left orbit on The Shadow. This is the Orange Car, and can light lock, the Speedway, and award a Pass. Each of these things are described in more detail later on in the Rules.

Blue Target
A solitary blue stand-up target on the left of the entrance to the Left Ramp. Use this target to light Change Setup in the Right Orbit. You will need to hit the blue target ~5-6 times before it will lit.

Left Ramp
A plastic ramp that drops the ball at the upper right flipper. This ramp could almost be described as steep. Failed shots sometimes scream down the middle, but are usually savable on a leveled machine. This is the Yellow Car, awards Jackpot and Souvenir, and can be lit to Increase Boost.

If nothing is lit for left ramp and you went through it, it will award you 2 laps. It will say "Turn 2, 2 Laps." This is tripled during triple scoring playfield.

Spanner Target
One of the four Spanner Targets in this game. It's a square yellow target on the right of the Left Ramp, but facing the lower right flipper. See the section on the Spanner Targets for more information.

Turbo Lock popper
This is the way to lock balls, situated behind the first Spanner Target it is shootable from the upper flipper. Balls land in the popper that pops them into the lock. Think of the reel in Fish Tales, now push it over so it is lying down, now modify it to hold four balls; thats about how the Turbo Lock looks. It's not easy to get the full effect of this thing in words, so I guess you'll just have to wait and see it... ;-) This ejects balls to the right inlane, but they often fly right off the wire-form ramp - sometimes over the flippers right into the trough ... it's so perfect that it's actually impressive!

Spanner Target
The second of the four Spanner Targets in this game. It's a square yellow target just above the Turbo Lock popper. It is shootable from the upper or lower right flippers. See the section on the Spanner Targets for more information.

Light-Up Target
One of three light-up targets in this game, sits sort-of next to the second Spanner Target (in a similar position as the Neutral Zone in Star Trek). It is shootable from the lower right flipper. See the section on the Light-Up Targets for more information.

Center Hole
This is standard saucer next to the Light-Up target, but don't worry there is a one-way gate, and the playfield has been cut in a way that stops most balls from bouncing out. Balls exit this hole to the right, and go into the jets. The Center Hole can be lit for Start Race (I have no idea what this does, or how to light it), Extra Ball, and Victory Lap. This also sometimes starts a mode, although I'm not 100% sure of the semantics of it yet. He meant was "Start Race" was "Green Flag" and you can start modes there as well. I'm thinking that it will relight when mode ends. It will always be light when you start your ball from the launcher except ball locks.

PIT Rollovers
Three rollover lanes to the right of the Center Hole, in a similar position as the ones in Star Trek:TNG and Theatre of Magic. Completing PIT increases the Bonus Multiplier to a max of 8x, and lights Pit Stop on the Right Ramp if not already lit. The only way to shoot the rollover lanes is via the Center Hole. First time you complete, it will light pit stop, 2nd time and later, it will increases the BM. There will be NO Bonus Held.

Jet Bumpers
Three bumpers arranged in the triangle formation we all know and love. These are below the PIT rollovers and are only accessible by shooting the Center Hole. The bumpers have very cool tops, and contain flashers not normal globes. Balls exit the bumpers to the Right Orbit.

Spanner Target
The third of the four spanner Targets in this game. It's a square yallow target that sits just to the right of the entrance to the Center Hole, in a similar position as Start Mission in Star Trek. It is shootable from the left flipper. See the section on Spanner Targets for more information.

Left Jet
The left Bumper pokes through just below the Spanner Target, much like Demo Man. Just thought I'd mention it..

Helper Hole
A small hole that is not shootable by any flipper, balls just fall into it. Balls get shot out of here straight into the Center Hole. This awards Change Setup when lit (although there is no light near it, it seems to award Change Setup when the light on the Right Orbit is lit.)

Light-Up Targets
Two of the three Light-Up Targets in this game, sit in a similar position as the Bigfoot Hotfoot targets in White Water. They are sort of below the Helper Hole. See the section on Light-Up Targets for more information.

Right Ramp
Called the Speed Ramp, it's a plastic ramp that feeds the ball to the left inlane. It is not really steep, but the peak is at the back of the machine, so you need to hit it well. It's very much like the right ramp on Indiana Jones, but not as high. This is the Blue Car, and can award Jackpot, and/or Fast Laps, as well as the Pit Stop. This ramp also counts up to things like Extra Balls, for more information see the section Speed Ramp.

If you shoot up the right ramp during ~5-10 seconds after ball launched, then "Go for the Pole" mode will be active. I'm not sure if you only do this once per game.

Right Orbit
Standard orbit that goes around the back of the playfield. Balls shot up here should end up in a popper at the back left of the playfield. I found that soft shots, or exceptionally strong ones would either dribble out the Left Orbit, or back out the Right. The popper pops balls onto the Right Ramp, which feeds them back to the left inlane. A Right Orbit is only awarded if the ball makes it into the popper. The right orbit can award Change Setup, Speedway, and/or Hit The Wall, it is also the Green Car.

Upper Right Flipper
A standard flipper that sits at the entrance to the Right Orbit (very much like The Shadow). This flipper is good for shooting the Lock, as well as the second Spanner Target. Balls can be feed to this flipper in one of three ways:
  • The left ramp
  • The Center Hole, which kicks to the Jets
  • The Left Orbit

Spanner Target
The fourth of the four Spanner Targets in this game. It's a square yellow target that sits under the upper flipper, opposite the Hit The Wall targets.

Race Car
Sitting above the playfield in the back right corner, is a round race track. Shooting the Right Ramp causes an Indy Car to go hooning around the track. The whole machine starts shaking .. it's very cool. Similar to RS on the bulldozer.

Car Shots

Four shoots in the game are Car Shots. They are used in various modes:

  • Left Orbit: Orange Car
  • Left Ramp: Yellow Car
  • Right Ramp: Blue Car
  • Right Orbit: Green Car


The Speedways

Modes in Indy 500 are called Speedways. There are 10 modes, and an 11th which must be started last. You can start modes while others are running, that is, they run concurrently; and continue to run during Multiball.

Modes are started by shooting the Right Orbit when Award Speedway is lit, the ball must land in the popper for the mode to begin. Shoot the Left Orbit (Light Speedway) to relight Award Speedway. The totals for each mode are added in the end of ball bonus.

Note: The Center Hole also sometimes starts modes, but I'm not 100% sure of the semantics of that yet. Well... it will always be lit to start mode every time when you launched the ball (except Ball locks) or when other modes have ended (that I'm not sure).

The modes are displayed in the middle of the playfield. Lit ones have been played, unlit ones haven't and the flashing one will be played next. The flashing mode only appears if Award Speedway is lit, and it seems that the only way to change the flashing mode is with Advance Speedway from the Right Ramp; see the section on Speed Ramp for more information. You can start a mode when you land the ball in the center popper and the Green Flag has lighted. Usually, it will be on in ball you start.

The modes are:

Wrong Turn
A driver takes a wrong turn and ends up taking the Indy Car onto the streets. Great Animations. This is a 30 second mode where each switch awards 250,000. Shoot any hole to raise the value by 250,000. For every hole, one of three things happens:
  • The Indy Car pulls over next to a farmer (with cow). The farmer announces, in a typical farmer voice: "You go about half a mile past the barn, and take a left!".
  • The Indy Car hoons through the drive through of a Very Fast Food store (get it?), and the driver screams: "Don't forget the fries!"
  • The Indy Car is stuck in traffic, and you guessed it: "Move your car!"

Quick Pit
The ball is locked, and Pit Stop begins. See the section on Pit Stop for more information. Note, it is not possible to re-light the Speedway during Pit Stop.

Go For The Pole
You have 20 seconds to spell Pole. Shoot the Right Ramp to get the next letter, it's worth 5, 10, 15, 20 Million. This does not effect your Position. Note, you still have to play this, even if you have started it off the Right Ramp at the start of a ball.

If you got this mode by shooting the right ramp, Green Flag is lit, and this mode is running, you will be awarded the Green Flag award (see multiball for how much). You only get this once, 2nd and subsequent times you will just boost the jackpot up by 2 million till you maxed out (see jackpot for max amount).

[1] in Easy mode, you have 30 seconds.

Dueling Drivers
I like starting this, just to hear the Announcer say it! You have 30 seconds to pass the car in front. Shoot all four Car Shots to pass. It is worth 5, 10, 15, 20 Million.

Light Extra Ball
Lights Extra Ball at the Center Hole.

This is stackable by other ways and methods.

Gasoline Alley
A 30 second mode where you must try and open 5 doors to get the goodies behind them. The Right Orbit opens the next door (the ball must go into the Popper). Behind the doors are:

  • 10 Laps [Also awards 5 million]
  • 10 Million
  • Pass 15 cars [Also awards 15 million]
  • 20 Million
  • 25 Million

Note that the Laps are tripled if Triple Scoring is active, although the display doesn't indicate this.

This is the video mode, and I quite like it. Move the car left and right with the flippers (like Getaway). Avoid obstacles, and collect point values (1, 2, 5, 10 Million); as well as the Extra Ball. Avoid 30 obstacles to finish. Hit an obstacle and you crash, but if you just skim an obstacle you only skid a bit. Look for the Doho in the skid/crash animation.

3x Playfield
Another great one to start to hear Mr Announcer say "Triple Playfield Scoring!". Not only does this triple all scores (including Multiball jackpots), but it also triples the number of Laps each shot awards. It lasts for 30 seconds.

Turbo Boost
Two ball multiball. The jackpot value starts at 10 million, collect it by shooting the Turbo Lock. Shoot the Left Ramp, (Increase Boost) to raise the jackpot by 10 Million; it maxes at 90 Million. Note that the value slowly creeps back down to 10 Million, so you have to keep hitting the left ramp to keep it up there. It is not possible to relight the Speedway during this mode.

Super Lite-Ups
This seemed to have absolutely no effect. There were no timers, and the Light-Up Targets continued to score as they do in normal play. But you do get to hear the announcer say "Super light-Ups!".

Super Jets
Make 30 hits, to get 30 million. Ends after the 30 hits, or when the ball drains. Your settings will vary. For some, it won't end until game is completely over so you still have a chance to get 30 million. Can be concurrent with secret mode (rarely).

Checkered Flag
Only available when the other 10 have at least started. All this does is light Victory Lap in the Center Hole.
Secret Mode
See [Easter Eggs]. Only selectable if ball is in center hole when green Flag is lit.

Spanner Targets

Scattered around the playfield are 4 Spanner Targets. At the start of the game they flash, and once hit they remain solidly lit. Complete all four to make them flash again. The first hit (when flashing) is worth 500,000, otherwise they are worth 250,000. Completing them is worth 2 million.

Your settings would vary. Mostly, it is 4 million, then the value goes up by 2 million every time you spell out the 4 letter words below.

This process continues during all multiballs.

These are very weird targets in that completing them seems to have no effect other then spelling a four letter word. The words are:


After COWS, it starts again with INDY.


The instruction cards states:

Collect the Indy souvenirs, and discover the secrets that each unlocks.

Collect a souvenir by shooting the Left Ramp when lit. Light SOUVENIR by completing INDY (the in/out lanes). Souvenir remains lit between balls, this whole process also continues during all multiballs. It is not possible to light Souvenir if it's already lit, so it is a bit of a waste to complete INDY while Souvenir is lit.

SouvenirPoints for gettingUse
T-Shirt 5 million Light-Up targets
Toy Indy Car 10 million Light-Up targets
Teddy Bear 15 million Light-Up targets
Baseball Cap 20 million ??
Indy Trophy 25 million ??
Mug 30 million Light-Up targets
Key Ring 35 million ??
Frisbee 40 million Light-Up targets
Video Tape 45 million ??
Race Cow 50 million Light-Up targets

It's worth getting the cow, just to hear the mooo...

After you collect all the souvenirs, that is it. You can't add anymore. It won't be like RS when you can do it again..wrong...

Light-Up Targets

There are three light up targets in this game. One is just to the left of the Center Hole, the other two are next to each other below the jets.

The targets work in waves. Completing all three targets completes a wave. Completing a target involves hitting it four times. The number of remaining hits of a target is easily detectable by the number of flashing lights on that target. Complete targets remain complete until the end of the wave.

Target values:

Per hit: X Million - Where X is the current wave number

On Completion: 5 Million

The Souvenirs help complete waves. If you have the right souvenir for a particular wave, then each target only needs one hit to complete it, instead of four.

1 15 million T-Shirt
2 20 million Teddy Bear
3 25 million Mug
4 30 million and lights Extra Ball Frisbee
5 35 million
6 35 million and lights victory lap Cow
7 35 million
8 35 million Toy Car/Key Ring
9+ 35 million

Note - The extra ball may reflex to other waves.

  • I tried this with all souvenirs, I don't know why waves 5 and 7 can't be helped. Meybe there is something else in the game that helps them.
  • I couldn't work out whether or not the graphic for wave 8 was the Toy Car or the Key Ring.
  • I tried right up to wave 13, and no more souvenirs, or awards seemed to show up.

This process continues during all multiballs.

Skill Shot

Shoot the left ramp after plunging any ball for the skill shot award. The first award is 5 million, and making the shot increases it by 1 million. The maximum skill shot award is 15 million.

This is not mentioned anywhere in the game, but shooting the right ramp early in the ball (possibly within the first 10 or 20 seconds) will start the Go For The Pole mode. Note: this does NOT spot the Speedway Light, so you must still start this mode from the back popper for the machine to consider it played.


  1. Before I go on...there are only 3 multiball types. Regular, Pit, and Turbo. NO Big Multiballs, Major endings, etc. The only major ending is the victory lap. That's it.

  2. During Pit Mode and/or other multiball, if the Green Flag is lit, and you land in the center hole, you will be awarded the Green Flag Awarded which starts at 6 Million and it increases by 1 million.

Examples of Big Multiball

  • Cirqus Voltaire - Party M (1997)
  • NBA Fastbreak - Trophy M (1996)
  • Junk Yard - Outer Space (1995)


  • Shoot the Left Orbit to light lock. For the first multiball, one shot will light lock 1 and 2. For the second multiball, the Left Orbit must be shot twice (once for each lock). For the third multiball, the Left Orbit must be shot twice to light each lock. I'm assuming that it continues to get harder.

    [1] In easy mode, you need to shoot the loop 3 times for the for 3rd and subsequent multiballs.

  • Lock balls in the Turbo Lock. It's actually a good shot because the Left Orbit (light lock) feeds the upper flipper, so you can then hammer the ball into the lock. In fact, this is a combo, worth 10 million the first time, and increases by 2 million. The max is 30 million.

  • After locking the second ball, multiball begins. It's three ball multiball, so the third is autolaunched.

  • Lock quotes:

    Lock 1: Driver 1 has a ball in the Turbo bobby.
    That's right Paul, another one means a guaranteed multiball.

    Lock 2: Woow! There's the second lock.
    We're ready for multiball ... and here we go!

  • Balls are ejected from the lock to the right flipper.

  • Since the game has an autoplunger, it is not possible to steal other players locked balls. The good thing is that in multiplayer games, the autoplunged balls return to the right flipper as well.


  • The base jackpot value is 20 million. Shoot the Turbo Lock in normal play, when lock isn't lit, to add 2 million to the base, to a max of 50 Million. You can also go to the center popper (when green flag light is not on) and it will do the same as well. Settings may very, for the machine in my area, the base is 30 million.

  • At the start of multiball, Jackpot is lit on both ramps. After both ramps have been hit, the jackpot alternates. Listen for the audio cues as to which ramp to hit.

  • Collecting a jackpot raises the value by 2 million.

  • Lock a ball during multiball to raise the value by 10 million. After about 20 seconds, this ball will be unlocked, and the jackpot will return to the base value (ie: the value it was at the start of multiball).

  • Lock a second ball during multiball (ie: while one ball is already locked), to raise the jackpot by a further 10 million. If only two balls are in play, then a third will be launched. Both balls will be kicked out after about 20 seconds, and the jackpot will return to the base value (ie: what it was at the start of multiball).

  • Lock a third ball during multiball (ie: while two balls are already locked), to collect the Super Jackpot worth 60 Million.

  • After the first Super Jackpot, locking the third ball simply raises the jackpot by a further 10 million, but a fourth ball will be launched into play. Lock this ball to collect the Super Jackpot.

  • If, during multiball, there is only one ball in play while all others are locked, and that ball drains, then all locked balls are released.

  • Multiball ends when less then two balls remain in play, and the lock is empty.

    [1] In easy mode, if you made the ball into turbo lock at least one time and later ball(s) drains, but one, the multiball is still active, you just play with a monoball till you collect the super can still make jackpots through the ramps. This is similar to Levels 1-3 in CV (when you completed all 9 marvels).

Hit The Wall

No, this is not a version of the Pizza Hut ads, "Hit the Hut tonight"!

Complete the Hit The Wall targets to light Hit The Wall on the Right Orbit. The ball must land in the popper to get this award, even though the animation is triggered by the orbit roll-over switch. The first time this is worth 5 million, the second time 7 million, third time 9 million etc.

This continues during all multiballs.

When you do a buy-in, the award is set..won't go any higher so if you scored 7 million before the buy-in, then it will stay at 7 million.

Change Setup

Light Change Setup by hitting the Blue Target. The first time only one hit is necessary, but after each Change Setup, the number of hits needed increases by one. The display tells you how many hits remain to light it.

When lit, collect Change Setup on the Right Orbit (the ball must go into the popper). It's a 'choose your own award' award, but, you only have 5 seconds to find what you want, and there's no turning back.

Besides measly amounts of points, awards can include:

  • 10 Million
  • 15 Million
  • 20 Million
  • Light Extra Ball
  • 10 laps
  • Light Change Setup
  • Light Lock
  • Spot PIT lane
  • Pass a number of cars
  • 1 Million
  • 3 Million
  • 5 Laps

You see number of points, they are worth nothing.

Buy-in Rules

After your 3rd ball or when you have used up your extra balls you have the option of continuing the game. The default setting is you can only do up to 3 buy-ins. Your settings may very. In some cases, there are unlimited buy-ins (not sure if easy mode will do this). When you buy-in, you have a 20 sec. ball saver. In extra balls during buy-in, it is only 1-3 sec. ball saver after the ball is launched.

Caution on Scoring

I believe that in some pinball machines, the maximum score is 9,999,999,999 in short which is 9.99 billion. If you go over that amount, it will rollover to the value of zero (0) and all this time you racked-up big stuff will be lost. so be this Pinball game, you cannot go over 9.99 billion. e-mail me if you disagree with this or setting is different.

In AFM, I believe the max is 99.99 billion...(I'm not sure).

Pit Stop Multiball


  • Complete the PIT rollover lanes to light Pit Stop on the Right Ramp.

  • Shoot the Right Ramp, and the ball will be locked at a cool little diverter-lock on the left side of the machine.

  • If Pit Stop is started by the Quick Pit Speedway, the ball is popped from the popper at the back of the machine, and locked in the diverter lock. The rest of the mode functions the same.

  • A second ball is autolaunched, and you have 25 seconds to shoot the Right Ramp to exit the pit. The taunting quotes are great. "Today.. today.. today.."

  • The machine keeps track of the person who exited the pit the quickest. Since our machine doesn't do this, I can't say what the default is, but records have been seen at 1.7 and 1.4 seconds.

  • When you shoot the Right Ramp, or the 25 seconds time out, the locked ball will be released, and two-ball multiball begins.

  • If you drain before releasing the locked ball, it will be released, and normal play resumes.


  • Depending on how quickly you unlock the second ball, 1-4 cars will be lit for 10 million jackpot. It may be increased by 2 million.

    Cars Lit Pit Time:
    Orange Yellow Blue Green
    yes yes yes yes Under 12 seconds
    yes no yes yes Between 12 and 17 seconds
    yes no yes no Between 17 seconds and timeout
    yes no no no Pit timeout

  • Each car can only be shot once, but when all have been collected, they re-light.

  • Pit Stop multiball ends when less then two balls remain in play.


At the start of the game, you are in position 28. Shoot the Left Orbit when Pass is lit to move up a position. Every Left Orbit shot lights Pass for a while, and I think the right inlane does too. The current position alternates with the Credits/Balls display at the bottom of the screen.

[1] In easy mode, you'll start in position 23, 2 laps (2 laps has already been given to you at the start of the game).

This continues during all multiballs.

When you reach Position 1, Victory Lap lights at the Center Hole.

Light Speedway, light lock and Pass light may not lit together at the same time.

Speed Ramp

The Right Ramp is called the Speed Ramp. Each shot increments a counter, and at certain numbers of ramps, you get an award.

Ramp Number: Award:
2 Advance Speedway
3 Advance Speedway
8 Extra Ball lit (See note below)
10 Advance Speedway
15 Advance Speedway
17 Advance Speedway
18 Advance Speedway
20 Advance Speedway
22 Advance Speedway
24 Advance Speedway
28 Advance Speedway
35 Advance Speedway
45 Advance Speedway
50 Extra Ball Lit
60 Advance Speedway
70 Advance Speedway

  • Advance Speedway simply changes what the next lit Mode is.
  • I stopped testing at 70 ramps, and assume that Advance Speedway continues to occur at every 10 ramps.
  • Speed Ramp 8 is the default starting position for Light Extra Ball, but it reflexes from there depending on the percentage of extra balls the machine has awarded.

Any shot to this ramp will light the Fast Laps light for a while. Shooting the ramp while Fast Laps is lit, will award two laps (tripled to 6 if Triple Playfield Scoring is active).

All of this continues during all multiballs.


At the start of the game, you have made no laps. Various shots increase the number of laps:

Left Orbit: 1 lap
Left Ramp: 2 laps
Center Hole: 1 lap
Helper Hole: 1 lap
Right Ramp: 1 lap
Fast Laps: 2 laps
Right Orbit: 1 lap
Start a mode: 5 laps
Gasoline Alley: 10 Laps
Change SetUp: 5 or 10 Laps

Whenever a single lap is awarded, a slight 'ping' sound is heard. So for a shot that awards 5 laps, 5 pings will be played. The number of laps is periodically announced during the game: "That's one hundred and twenty five laps for driver 1." This continues during all multiballs.

Note that the number of laps awards for the above, are indeed tripled by the Triple Playfield Scoring mode.

The Graphs and Victory Lap

Occasionally during the game, you'll see 4 bar graphs show up. This indicates your progress towards lighting Victory Lap.

Vicotry Lap can be lit by:

  • Light-Ups: Wave 6
  • Speedway: Getting the Checkered Flag
  • Laps: After 200 laps.
  • Position: When you reach position 1.

Victory Lap is worth 100 or 200 million (depends on the ROM version), but it's stackable (at least, the 100 Million one is). So if you light Victory Lap more then once and then shoot it, you'll receive it all.

If it is stackable and you complete any of the above. If you get 2 items before collecting victory lap, you will be awarded 500 million.

I hope this can't be tripled.

After you get 200 laps, you will go back to the start (0 laps). When you are in position 1, you'll stay there for the rest of the game.


Increase the bonus multiplier by completing the PIT rollover lanes, to a Maximum of 8x.

Bonus is made up of:

10,000 x laps
+ (50,000 x (27-position)) + 200,000
* Multiplier
+ Modes
= Total Bonus

It is NOT possible to speed up the bonus count, but it's pretty quick anyway.

Easter Eggs

  • Cows: The last souvenir. In the farmer animation of Wrong Turn. Spelt with the Spanner Targets.

  • Pit Cow: It occasionally pops up on the PIT STOP. It shows a cow in the pits being refueled/milked. There is also a way to make it appear intentionally, if you have the patience.
    1. Using the right ramp, advance the speedway light to QUICK PIT (If it's already there, go to step 2)
    2. Make sure the AWARD SPEEDWAY light is lit on the right loop/orbit. If not, use the left loop/orbit to light it.
    3. Shoot the right loop/orbit to light it.
    As the award animation begins (car streaking across screen, text describing award), hit the LAUNCH button ~4-5 times. should see PIT COW.

  • DOHO: Spelt with the Spanner Targets.

  • DOHO also appears briefly in the skid/crash animation of the video mode.

  • Secret Mode: Many times I have started a secret mode at the Center Hole, when Start Race was lit. (Remember that I have no idea what Start Race does, or how to light it...) The mode just told me that "Jets Give Neat Stuff". It didn't lie either. Each jet improved it's own aspect of the game. The mode ended when the ball left the jets. This mode only available when the ball is in the center hole and Green Flag is lit.

    In this one there are three things...each hit will do one of the following:

    • Improve your position (until you reach position 1)
    • Add the number of laps
    • 5 Million
    I don't think this mode is started by some button combination, as I've seen quite a few people play it. This is part of the mode as well..

  • I still can't figure out what Pole we're supposed to go for .. I mean, North or South? ;-)

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