Jurassic Park


Sigma's Guide to
Jurassic Park
Version as of 3/3/94

This rule compilation and tips sheet is, to the extent possible (in light of the subject matter being the property of Data East), freeware. It can be modified, updated, or revised, provided only that credit to the original author(s) remains intact. It can be published or otherwise distributed, provided only that such distribution is effectively free.

This sheet is written and maintained by Kevin Martin - if you have any questions or comments or additions or corrections, send 'em along to me.

This version of the Guide should be considered final.

"Jurassic Park" is surely a trademark of some sort for Universal and Amblin, and the game design itself is the property of Data East. The author(s) disclaim all interest in any trademarks or other intellectual property referenced herein.

I use the abbreviations "K" for a thousand points, "M" for a million points, and "B" for a billion points.

Important Things

This is a glossary of the shots and features that will be referred to during the discussion of the game.

There are three of these - the usual two lower ones, and an upper right full-length flipper. The right flipper button can be used to control the right flippers independently, with the second stage of button action controlling the upper flipper. These are not the usual solid-state DE flippers; the new design is much less prone to getting loose and sloppy. However, it does appear to have difficulty with shots toward the tip of the flipper, or shots against very fast-moving balls.
This is a gun handle, with a trigger for autolaunching balls into play, and a large thumb button for the Smart Missile. Balls are launched into the Turbo Bumpers through a small gate, if properly aligned.
Boat Dock
This is a saucer in the back right corner of the playfield, at the end of a half orbit that passes in front of the upper right flipper. Extra Ball and Two-Ball can be lit here.
Power Shed
This is a small rectangular sinkhole just above the upper right flipper. It returns balls to the Right Inlane. The Power Shed is also the S in CHAOS.
The entrance to this ramp is just to the left of the Power Shed. The ramp runs across the back of the playfield, peaks in the back left corner, and can return to either Inlane by means of a diverter. The right return is a habitrail; the left return is molded plastic. Two consecutive Ramp shots will hold your Bonus over to the next ball. The ramp is also the O in CHAOS. The Ramp can light Mr. DNA (and Extra Balls under extreme conditions), and increases the T-Rex Bounty value.
Raptor Pit
This is a narrow dead-end almost-vertical lane to the left of the Ramp. When a ball trips the rollover sensor in this lane, the ball is kicked towards the flippers at just under the speed of light. During normal single-ball play, a ball which drains immediately as a result of this will be given back. During Tri-Ball and Two-Ball, there is, quite reasonably, no such kindness. The Danger light on the Raptor Pit indicates that the ball saver is active (and also makes the Pit worth more).
This is a captive ball to the left of the Raptor Pit. When it is hit hard enough to reach the top of its lane (not very difficult), it registers a hit on the Egg.
T-Rex Paddock
This is a slightly lowered triangular area of the playfield to the left of the Egg and just above the Loop. It is sunk into the playfield no more than 1/4 inch. Balls which go in here and don't bounce out will land in the T-Rex Saucer.
T-Rex Saucer
When the ball lands here, T-Rex is fed. The first time this Saucer is hit, the plastic T-Rex above the Paddock will come down and actually eat the ball, returning it to the Right Inlane. Later hits will only spot a letter in T-REX. Completing T-REX awards the Bounty value and causes T-Rex to eat the ball. T-Rex will also eat the ball if Tri-Ball is lit or Feed T-Rex is running.
Helicopter Pad
This loop is shot by the upper right flipper. The ball travels around the back of the game and feeds again to the upper right flipper. Two consecutive Helipad shots hold the current Raptor Pit value over to the next ball.
Species Targets
These small plastic targets are scattered across the playfield, around the Turbo Bumpers Gate, below the Bunker Scoop, and above the Right Outlane. Completing them progresses towards lighting Tri-Ball. Note that the Spitter targets are in a bank directly beneath Hammond's Bunker - these targets are used specifically in a few sequences. The species targets are green for herbivores and red for carnivores. Cute eh?
Turbo Bumpers Gate
This is a one-way gate through which the ball enters the Turbo Bumpers when launched from the plunger. The upper right flipper can also direct the ball into the Turbo Bumpers through this gate.
Turbo Bumpers
There are three of these in a normal triangular arrangement at the left side of the playfield, slightly more than halfway up. The Turbo Bumpers increase the Park Revenue value and change the currently flashing Computer Screen, unless none remain or the Control Room is currently lit.
Control Room
This is a wide rectangular scoop just below the Turbo Bumpers, to the right of the Visitor's Center shot, directly above the left flipper. It awards Computer Screens, which are grid items. Any ball entering here is ejected from Hammond's Bunker. The Control Room is also the A in CHAOS.
Visitor's Center
This is the left orbit, a shot which goes through the Turbo Bumpers and around the back of the game to the upper right flipper. The Helipad and Visitor's Center shots share the same path along the back of the game. The Visitor's Center is also the Advance X shot. It is also the H in CHAOS. In many situations, credit is given for shooting the Visitor's Center just by getting the ball into the Jet Bumpers; examples include when Escape Isla Nublar is running and when CHAOS is being spelled. You must at least hit the first rollover switch on the orbit in order to receive credit for the Advance X shot, however.
Hammond's Bunker
This is a rectangular scoop just below the Turbo Bumpers, to the left of the Visitor's Center shot, directly above the top of the left slingshot. When flashing, it awards Park Revenue. When lit, it awards Mr. DNA. Otherwise, it awards practically nothing. Hammond's Bunker is also the C in CHAOS.
Either Inlane lights (flashing) the Control Room for about five seconds (note that during that time, the Turbo Bumpers may still change the currently flashing Computer Screen). If you have already had one System Failure, the Inlanes will no longer light the Control Room. Note that both Ramp returns feed above the Inlane sensors, although the right return may cause the ball to jump over the sensor or to miss the Inlane entirely.
Left Inlane
This lights the Boat Dock for several seconds, during which time hitting the Boat Dock will spot a Species Target, if any remain unlit.
Right Inlane
This lights Advance X on the Visitor's Center shot, which I have never purposely shot for. The Bonus Multiplier starts at 1X, and proceeds 3X, 6X, and 9X. It also lights Hammond's Bunker for the Park Revenue value.
There is no rubber on the lane dividers. However, the playfield is arranged to actually protect the ball from Outlane drains. With small nudges as the ball wanders towards the Outlanes, you should experience infrequent Outlane drains. If you still have the Smart Missile, Outlane drains (except during Tri-Ball, Two-Ball, or CHAOS) will disable it. A successful Death Save or Bang Back will then re-enable it. There are Special lights on the Outlanes; when Special is lit, both Outlanes will remain lit until collected (although repeated collections are possible due to a bug with Tri-Ball).
Left Outlane
There is no kickback. Yes! Yes! Yes!
Computer Screens
These are twelve lights in the area directly above the flippers. They represent Control Room awards, and indicate progress towards System Failure. Computer Screens are also referred to as CRTs.
Playfield Lights
The playfield is littered with Species Lights on the Island Map, representing your progress towards lighting Tri-Ball. You can safely ignore these lights. There are also several lights for each of the three places to visit: Visitor's Center, Helicopter Pad, and Boat Dock. There is also a light for the Mosquito, which is placed unusually far from the actual Mosquito-in-amber piece in the far back center of the playfield.
There are the usual two above the flippers. They are not incredibly sensitive, so even a weak kickout from Hammond's Bunker may graze the Left Slingshot, but should come to the left flipper nonetheless.
Six of 'em, a regular party.

Opening Animation

You can skip the lengthy opening animation by flipping the right flipper or pulling the trigger (be careful not to prematurely launch the first ball into play, however). You will probably find yourself doing this after the first couple of games.

Skill Shot

The Skill Shot is a Video Mode. A dinosaur is walking back and forth in your sights. Pull the trigger to shoot the dinosaur. The trick is that the dinosaur sometimes (on all balls except the first) stop to look at you just before it enters your sights. Don't lead the shot too much, and you'll be OK. Because the shot is registered as soon as you fire, rather than when the ball hits something, this works pretty well. There are also small indicators in the lower corners of the screen, which say "FIRE!" when the dinosaur is in your sights.

Hitting the dinosaur is worth 2M on Ball 1, 3M on Ball 2, and 4M on Ball 3. Missing the dinosaur is worth 1/10 as much.

A successful Skill Shot enables Super Pops and gives the quote "Thumper Ready!". Since the ball immediately goes into the Turbo Bumpers, this is worthwhile. Super Pops makes each Turbo Bumper worth 100K, and each completion of all three Turbo Bumpers worth 1M. After the Skill Shot, Super Pops only seems to last for a short while, but normal Super Pops only end when any switch outside the Turbo Bumpers is closed (except the first Visitor's Center rollover switch).

If you press the Smart Missile button for the Skill Shot, the ball is launched into play, but the Smart Missile is not used; the button simply acts as the trigger would. Also, normally, pressing the left flipper a certain number of times will launch the ball as if the trigger had been pulled.

The Data East rules say that you are shooting to "stun" the dinosaur, but it certainly looks like you hit him with a missile, and he kind of splats... (Apparently this is a scene from the book, as are a number of other animations which don't exactly correspond to the movie.)

Computer Screens

There are eleven Computer Screens, which are collected from the Control Room when it is lit or flashing. The Control Room is lit at the beginning of each ball. It is indefinitely relit by shooting the Power Shed. It is lit for approximately five seconds by either Inlane. After you have completed System Failure, the Inlanes will no longer light the Control Room, making it more difficult to get a second System Failure.

The Computer Screens are:

  • Stampede
  • Escape Isla Nubar
  • Raptor Two-Ball
  • Electric Fence
  • Spitter Attack
  • System Boot
  • Raptors' Rampage
  • Mosquito Millions
  • Feed T-Rex
  • Bone Busting
  • Light Extra Ball
  • (System Failure)

At the beginning of the game, Stampede is always the currently lit Computer Screen. The Turbo Bumpers rotate the currently flashing Computer Screen when the Control Room is not lit (or is only flashing because of an Inlane). When the Control Room is lit, however, the currently flashing Computer Screen is "locked in". Therefore, the first Computer Screen awarded is always Stampede.

You can have any number of Computer Screen awards running at one time; you can relight the Control Room and collect new awards concurrently with awards that are already running. The animation and sound associated with the most recently awarded Computer Screen will take precedence over the others.

The only Screen which is immediately obvious is Light Extra Ball. All other Screens have their own sections in the Rules. Note that at the end of any ball, the game may decide to change the current Computer Screen to Light Extra Ball, out of kindness (well, actually, it's a percentaging thing).

When all Screens have been collected, the Control Room and Power Shed are automatically flashing for System Failure.

Starting System Failure effectively aborts any Computer Screen rounds which were already running, except that you may still collect a lit Extra Ball. These rounds do not restart after System Failure ends, although Two-Ball will remain lit if it was lit and uncollected before.

Hitting the Smart Missile in single ball play, with no Tri-Ball or Two-Ball lit on the playfield, will award the next Computer Screen, even if the Control Room is not lit.

Hitting the unlit Control Room gives an annoying quote from Nedry: "You didn't say the magic word!"

If the Control Room sensor is malfunctioning (not an uncommon problem, and one that your operator absolutely must be convinced to fix by resoldering detached wires, resoldering or replacing the diode, or respacing the arm of the switch), shots to the Control Room will be registered as shots to Hammond's Bunker, you will not be able to collect Computer Screens except by Mr. DNA awards, and you will not be able to complete CHAOS except by using the Smart Missile.


This Computer Screen starts an escalating Frenzy mode, which lasts for 20 seconds. Every switch scores 300K and increases that value by 10K. The points are awarded immediately. Also, all game features proceed as normal.

There is a 5M award for shooting T-Rex or Galimimus during this round. There is a particularly cool animation for hitting Galimimus.

Using the Smart Missile, on most ROMs at least, is a severe disappointment, awarding a Stampede total of roughly 10M and ending Stampede!

Escape Isla Nubar

This Computer Screen lights the Visitor's Center, the Helicopter Pad, and the Boat Dock for 21M, which counts down by millions. Hitting any of the three targets will award the current Escape value, add 10M to it, and start counting down again for the remaining targets. The round ends when a total of 10M has been counted down. (This is not very clearly described in the Data East rules, to say the least.) To further confuse the issue, their rules indicate that the maximum total points available in this round are 66M. I find it rather amusing that the value actually starts at 21M rather than the 20M indicated by the Data East rules, presumably so that the countdown timer can be started immediately.

The best non-Smart Missile strategy for this mode is to hit the ball up to the Boat Dock right away, then shoot for the Helicopter Pad with the upper right flipper, then shoot the ball into the Turbo Bumpers through the gate. This works well because credit is given for the Visitor's Center shot in this round for merely hitting the Turbo Bumpers.

Using the Smart Missile at the very beginning of this round will sometimes award the true maximum values of 21M, 31M, and then 41M, for a total of 93M. However, the total will sometimes be only 90M or 87M. Needless to say, if there is a problem with CHAOS on your machine, this round is the most valuable time to use the Smart Missile.

Note that on at least some ROMs, passing the Replay value by shooting Escape values will not award the Replay. However, the Smart Missile will never (in this case, at least) fail to award the Replay.

Raptor Two-Ball

This Computer Screen lights the Boat Dock for Two-Ball, which is Data East's equivalent of a Quick Multiball(TM). Two-Ball will remain lit until collected, across balls. When the Boat Dock is hit (and you are not already in Tri-Ball or CHAOS or Super Egg Mania), a second ball will be launched into play. Any ball which drains in roughly the first ten seconds of Two-Ball will be relaunched into play. (This allows for a few quick, safe Jackpots.)

During Raptor Two-Ball, the Raptor Pit is lit for the Raptor Jackpot. The Data East rules indicate that these start at 3M and increase by 1M each time one is collected, but this has apparently been changed. Raptor Jackpots start at a base of 7M and increase by 2M for each Jackpot collected, but the value is also increased in some other fashion, details unknown.

There is no Danger feature (ball saver) active during Raptor Two-Ball, so be careful. Two-Ball ends, of course, when one or both balls drain.

Starting Two-Ball unconditionally aborts many of the Computer Screen modes, which is a real disappointment. Also, you cannot start Tri-Ball while in Two-Ball.

Using the Smart Missile when Two-Ball is lit will start Two-Ball, unless Tri-Ball is also lit, in which case it takes precedence. Using the Smart Missile during Two-Ball will probably only collect a Raptor Jackpot, which is a genuine waste.

Check out the opening animation for Raptor Two-Ball.

Electric Fence

"Electric Fence Mode."

This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which cute little Timmy is foolishly climbing around on an Electric Fence, which is slowly charging. The display shows Timmy climbing, the number of hits needed to save him (apparently we have to shake the little idiot off the fence or something like that), and the power meter of the Fence.

Get Timmy off the Fence by getting 15 hits in the Turbo Bumpers and/or the Slingshots. You have 20 seconds in which to do this. If you succeed, you are awarded 30M. If you fail, Timmy is electrocuted, and we actually get to watch, unlike Nell's death in Rocky & Bullwinkle. Yea!

Using the Smart Missile in this round will save Timmy and award the 30M.

Let him fry, I say. It's more fun than 30M. On the other hand, this round is easier in newer ROMs; older ROMs required more hits, I believe.

"We're going to need another Timmy!" (not a quote from the game)

Spitter Attack

This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which the loathsome Nedry is being attacked by a Spitter dinosaur. The Spitter Targets are the vertical bank just below Hammond's Bunker, facing right. Hitting any of them counts as a "spit", and the Spitter will spit at Nedry. The first hit is 5M, the second 10M, and the third 15M, for a maximum total of 30M. The points are not displayed (awarded?) until the round ends or the ball drains.

Using the Smart Missile in this round awards 30M and ends the round.

As the attract mode instructions say, "Shoot giant saliva wads at Nedry..."

System Boot

This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which the three scoops (Hammond's Bunker, Control Room, and Power Shed) are lit (green light). When a scoop is hit, it is no longer lit (for the purposes of this round). The first scoop is worth 5M, the second 10M, and the third 15M, for a maximum total of 30M.

Each scoop displays a fake computer bootstrap sequence, consisting of a DOS prompt and command:


Hitting the Power Shed to relight the Control Room normally gives a similar display.

Using the Smart Missile in this round awards each of the three scoops, for a total of 30M, ending the round.

Raptors' Rampage

This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which the Raptor Pit is lit for a varying amount. The display shows a Raptor moving back and forth in the kitchen, with the current value of the Raptor Pit beneath. The values are 5M, 6M, 7M, 8M, 9M, 10M, 9M, 8M, 7M, 6M, 5M. Hitting the Raptor Pit adds a small amount of time to the timer, so that the Rampage could potentially never end. Watch closely; when you collect a Rampage value, the Raptor on screen pauses and reaches over and "grabs" a value.

I am not sure what using the Smart Missile does in this round. It probably only awards the currently lit value, which is complicated by the fact that the Smart Missile does not immediately collect everything on the board. In any case, the Smart Missile does not end this round if used.

Mosquito Millions


This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which the Egg is worth 5M, with its value increasing by 1M each time it is hit (to no known limit as far as I have determined). This round lasts for 20 seconds.

As in many other modes, it appears that hits on the Egg in this mode do not count towards cracking Eggs in the usual fashion.

Using the Smart Missile in this round will only award one value from the Egg, without ending the round.

Feed T-Rex

This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which T-Rex is waiting to be fed a live goat. The display shows T-Rex quietly waiting in front of the goat, as the ominous background music slowly increases in tempo. That music is a fantastic bass rumble. This round lasts for 30 seconds, and feeding T-Rex (yes, he actually eats on-screen) is worth 30M (the Data East rules say 25M, but this was apparently changed).

Using the Smart Missile in this round feeds T-Rex for 30M, ending the round. I sometimes prefer to just hold the ball and listen to the bass.

If the Graphic Realism option has been disabled by your operator, T-Rex will not actually eat the goat on the display. Bummer.

Bone Busting

This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which a raptor is trying to destroy a T-Rex skeleton. Three Ramp shots are needed to do this, which scores a disappointing 20M.

Using the Smart Missile in this round immediately destroys the skeleton for 20M, ending the round.

The Ramp is a difficult shot on most machines, particularly to loop; this round should almost certainly be worth at least 30M, or 10M per shot.

System Failure

When all Computer Screens have been collected, the Control Room and the Power Shed are immediately lit for System Failure.

System Failure is a Six-Ball mode which lasts for 45 seconds. Balls which drain are autolaunched back into play as soon as the mechanism can do so. During System Failure, all switches score 1M, and no other features are active (except that you can still collect a lit Extra Ball, and perhaps even lit Specials). The total points awarded are tracked on-screen. When System Failure ends, the flippers, Slingshots, and Turbo Bumpers shut off until all six balls have returned to the trough. After a very brief pause, a ball is autolaunched and play resumes normally, with all Computer Screens again available.

Using the Smart Missile during System Failure is worth exactly 50M. Starting System Failure using the Smart Missile will also credit this 50M to your System Failure total. The System Failure total is not credited to your score until System Failure ends and all balls have returned to the trough. Presumably, you can Tilt during System Failure, but there is no excuse for doing so.

After System Failure, the Inlanes will no longer light the Control Room for the next Computer Screen; only the Power Shed will do so. This makes it rather difficult to reach a second System Failure. However, immediately after System Failure, the Control Room is lit for Stampede.

System Failure was developed independently of the Lost In The Zone feature of Bally's Twilight Zone.

Victory Lap

As in many Data East games, Jurassic Park lights an additional feature whenever a replay value is reached. Unlike previous Data East releases, however, which typically lit a ramp or orbit for a single 25M award, there is more complexity to the Victory Lap in Jurassic Park.

When a replay is awarded, the ramp is lit for the Victory Lap for 30 seconds. The first five ramp shots are worth 5M, and the sixth is 25M. The maximum total that can be scored from the Victory Lap is 50M. This is made trickier by the fact that two consecutive ramp shots awards Bonus Held and returns the ball to the Right Inlane, interrupting the looping shot.

The Victory Lap is the only thing which seems to run to completion regardless of other rounds and modes. You can even have the Victory Lap running during System Failure.

You cannot use the Smart Missile to complete the entire Victory Lap for 50M; this has been verified.

Jurassic Park is the last Data East game to feature the Victory Lap, which has been present since Checkpoint.

Shoot Out

At various random intervals during the game while the ball is in play, a Video Mode will begin, during which a dinosaur walks across the screen, in front of a machine gun. Fire the gun rapidly (four or five shots will suffice) to "stun" the dinosaur for 3M. There is enough of a grace period on this feature that it should be almost impossible to miss. If the Video Mode display has already ended, you can still grab the trigger and fire, and the Video Mode will restart! You can recognize that the Video Mode is beginning by the distinctive and familiar sound from Lethal Weapon 3.

According to early Data East rules, completing this Video Mode also spots a Species Target. However, doing this now instead requires a lit Boat Dock shot. Completing this Video Mode instead enables Super Pops. Super Pops enabled in this fashion are very kind. When Turbo Bumpers are hit, they are worth 100K each, 1M for each set of three as for a successful Skill Shot, but this is not timed. Super Pops only ends when any switch other than the Turbo Bumpers or the first Visitor's Center rollover switch is tripped.

You cannot use the Smart Missile to complete this Video Mode, which is probably just as well.

Raptor Pit

Shooting the Raptor Pit at any time during the game will award the current Raptor value, which starts at 2M at the beginning of every ball (unless it is held by two consecutive Helicopter Pad shots), and increases in an unusual fashion. Hitting the Raptor Pit at any time increases the Raptor value by 350K and lights Danger briefly (which also represents the ball saver). If the Danger light is flashing, hitting the Raptor Pit awards twice the current Raptor value and increases it normally.

A random Mr. DNA award can also boost the Raptor Pit value by 5M.

On the machines I've played, the Raptor Pit starts at 2M, not 3M as indicated by the Data East rules, and the value boost is definitely 350K, not 250K.

T-Rex Bounty

There are four red lights above the rules card in the lower left corner of the machine, representing progress towards spelling T-REX. When T-REX is spelled (by repeatedly hitting T-Rex), the T-Rex Bounty, also known as the Paddock Jackpot, is awarded. The Data East rules indicate that the Bounty begins at 5M and increases by 100K for each ramp shot, but it appears to start at 8M and may be increased by other features as well.

Normally, the Bounty value is carried over between balls, players, and games. The value can go as high as 99.9M!

Captive Ball

In normal play, shooting the Captive Ball contributes to cracking open a dinosaur Egg and hatching a baby dinosaur. In older ROMs, the hits and awards are:

Egg #HitsAward
1 3 5M
2 4 10M or Extra Ball
3 5 15M
4 6 Extra Ball
5 6 20M
6 6 Mystery

The Mystery award can be a random point value, Extra Ball lit (at Boat Dock), or Special lit (at both Outlanes). Every cracked Egg after the sixth will score Super Egg Mania (also known as Power Egg Mania or just Super Egg).

Cracking an Egg is accompanied by a cute animation and a snippet of lullaby, which always cracked me up (pun intended).

You can also crack Eggs with a Mr. DNA award.

On newer ROMs, cracking the second Egg sometimes awards Extra Ball. This is determined entirely according to reflexive Extra Ball percentage done by the software. If too many Extra Balls are generally being collected, no Extra Ball will be offered from the Egg.

In newer ROMs, cracking the fourth and every subsequent Egg starts Super Egg Mania, which almost makes it a reasonable goal.

Super Egg Mania

The only reasonable way I've found to reach Super Egg Mania is to receive it as a random award from Mr. DNA. During Super Egg Mania, most game features are disabled, and you have 25 seconds to shoot the Egg for 5M. Hitting the Egg launches an additional ball into play while this timer is running. When the timer is complete, Super Egg Mania continues for as long as you have more than one ball in play (and almost every other game feature remains disabled). During the remainder of Super Egg Mania, all Egg hits are still only 5M, and no additional balls are launched into play.

The only real reason for starting Super Egg Mania is to hear the hilarious music and see the animation for hitting the Egg.

Note that, in older ROMs, reaching Super Egg Mania by hitting the Egg itself requires something like 36 hits!

Using the Smart Missile during Super Egg Mania will likely award 5M for an Egg hit, also launching a ball into play during the 25 second timer.

If you drain all of the balls in play before the 25 second timer expires, the timer will continue to run while there are no balls in play - there is, of course, nothing you can do at this point except perhaps hit the Smart Missile - when the timer expires, Bonus Countdown will proceed as normal.

Park Revenue

This is a small award in the tradition of Sarlacc Pit from Star Wars. It starts at exactly 500K at the beginning of each ball, and is increased 30K for every Turbo Bumper hit. There is apparently no way to hold this value over to the next ball. The Park Revenue value is awarded by hitting Hammond's Bunker when lit by the Right Inlane (flashing blue light). You can safely ignore this feature entirely, at least until you have completed one System Failure and need a shot from the Right Inlane feeds (although Advance X is, sad to say, often more lucrative).


Mr. DNA is lit at Hammond's Bunker by the appropriate number of Ramp shots. Data East rules indicate that the first three Mr. DNA's require seven Ramp shots, the next three require eight, and all subsequent require nine. On all machines I have played, however, far fewer Ramp shots have actually been required. It seemed that only three are required for the first Mr. DNA, five for the next, etc.

Two consecutive Ramp shots are actually worth three Ramp shots for the purpose of lighting Mr. DNA; the second shot counts twice (and returns the ball to the Right Inlane rather than the Left). Nice touch.

You can make progress towards lighting the next Mr. DNA while Mr. DNA is already lit (and ramp shots at any time appear to count), and you can indeed stack lit Mr. DNAs (that is, have Mr. DNA lit twice, so that it remains lit after collecting it once).

Collecting a certain large number of DNA Strands (lighting Mr. DNA ten times, perhaps?) lights an Extra Ball at the Boat Dock. This can be achieved repeatedly. Also, after you light Mr. DNA for the 99th time, the next is #0.

Mr. DNA offers you a choice between three selections, which are randomly selected from the following list:

  • 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M
  • Super Pops
  • Million Pops (?)
  • Complete Egg
  • Light Special
  • Runaway Extra Ball (at the Boat Dock)
  • Runaway Score (Hurry Up, 20M down to 5M)
  • Runaway Two-Ball (Hurry Up, 10M down to 5M)
  • Light Tri-Ball
  • Spitters Double Round (??)
  • Advance Park Revenue 5M
  • Advance Raptors 5M
  • Raptor Pit Value Held
  • Award Lit CRT
  • Super Egg
  • Bonus Held

As Mr. DNA points to each selection offered, flip or pull the trigger to select it. Doing this during the introductory animation may automatically award the first selection in the list. Be careful; the first selection is only focused briefly. It's best to wait until Mr. DNA makes a second pass through the list.

Runaway awards are lit at the Boat Dock for 20 seconds, counting down immediately. Runaway Two-Ball appears to include a score with it, but I have not seen it. I have also never seen Million Pops and I suspect that it has been removed from release ROMs.

I do not know what the Spitters Double Round is, but I hope and pray that it is not a Double Score mode. I also get the feeling that this award is no longer present in release ROMs.

In Tournament Mode, the same set of awards are always offered for the first Mr. DNA (5M, Complete Egg, Runaway Score), the second Mr. DNA, the third Mr. DNA, etc. That is to say, each subsequent Mr. DNA offers a different set, but for example, the second Mr. DNA always offers the same three items. I do know that the third Mr. DNA in Tournament Mode offers Light Special and Light Tri-Ball.

Check out the animations for Mr. DNA.

Boat Dock

During normal play, the Left Inlane briefly lights the Boat Dock. Hitting the lit Boat Dock will spot a species target to make progress towards lighting Tri-Ball. This spotting function was originally performed by the in-play Video Mode, but this has been changed.


Tri-Ball is a significant goal in Jurassic Park, and a significant source of points. Tri-Ball is normally lit by hitting all of the Species Targets on the playfield (these can also be spotted by the lit Boat Dock). It can also be lit by a Mr. DNA award, or by using the Smart Missile in normal play, which will effectively hit all of the Species Targets for you. If you have not lit or started Tri-Ball by the beginning of your third ball (disregarding Extra Balls), it will automatically be lit for you. For the first Tri-Ball, hitting any one of a set of species targets will spot that entire bank, most notable in the case of the Spitter targets (lower left corner).

When Tri-Ball is lit, start it by feeding T-Rex once or hitting the Raptor Pit several times (to "taunt" them). The first Tri-Ball will require 3 Raptor Pit shots to begin, the second will require 5, the third will require 7, and all subsequent Tri-Balls can only be started by feeding T-Rex (which is generally the easier option, anyhow). If Tri-Ball is lit because you are on your third ball and did not light or start Tri-Ball already, only one Raptor Pit shot will be required to start Tri-Ball. I have heard that Raptor Pit shots on the same ball you light Tri-Ball are credited towards the number of shots needed to actually start Tri-Ball, although at least one shot will always be required.

Whenever Tri-Ball is lit and normal play is underway, using the Smart Missile will start Tri-Ball.

Starting Tri-Ball prematurely ends almost any mode which is running, except the Victory Lap. You also cannot start Tri-Ball (or much of anything else) during Super Egg Mania or Two-Ball.

When Tri-Ball is started, a total of three balls will be put into play. For the first few seconds of Tri-Ball, draining one or two balls will cause one to be relaunched into play (draining all three never seems to give back more than two - not that I would ever do this ;). As soon as Tri-Ball is started, even while there is only one ball still in play, there are two Jackpots lit. The Ramp is lit for the regular Jackpot value, while the Helicopter Pad is lit for a Double Jackpot. The base Jackpot value is 15M, and during Tri- Ball, all switches add their score to both Jackpot values instead of to your score. This means that the Double Jackpot is not actually exactly twice the base Jackpot value.

Collecting either Jackpot immediately begins the first CHAOS mode. Contrary to the Data East rules, you do not have to collect both the regular and the Double Jackpot in order to enter CHAOS (the rules were likely changed in order to better accommodate switch failures and to improve gameplay).

Using the Smart Missile will collect only the Double Jackpot. What I wrote in previous versions of this Guide about collecting both Jackpots was extremely outdated information that I failed to correct for a long time.

If you drain all but one ball while the Jackpots are still lit, Tri-Ball Restart will be lit for 15 seconds, starting immediately. You can then restart Tri-Ball by hitting the Raptor Pit once or feeding T-Rex. It is possible that no Tri-Ball Restart is offered for later Tri-Balls; I am not entirely sure.

The Tri-Ball Restart only launches two balls into play (in fact, I believe it's called a Two-Ball Restart, but it has nothing to do with Raptor Two- Ball) and there is no ball saver or relaunch. In particular, hitting the Raptor Pit for this Restart and losing that ball will leave you with only one ball on the table, in normal play. Worse yet, if the machine fails to autolaunch the second ball onto the table, you will find yourself playing the Fun-With-Bonus(TM) round!

Using the Smart Missile while Tri-Ball Restart is lit will restart Tri-Ball, but it's better to try for the Restart manually, and if you miss, the Smart Missile can be used to relight Tri-Ball indefinitely.


In the first CHAOS mode, the five CHAOS letters are lit and may be collected immediately. Each CHAOS letter is worth 5M, and according to the Data East rules, completing CHAOS is worth an additional 10M. You must complete CHAOS while at least two balls are still in play (or at least not yet registered in the trough). Using the Smart Missile at this point will complete the first CHAOS for 25M (or 35M?), leading to Six-Ball play.

When CHAOS is completed, Six-Ball play begins. On older ROMs, while the six balls are being launched into play, CHAOS letters are not awarded. However, on newer ROMs, the second set of CHAOS letters can be awarded almost immediately, which makes it impossible to miss the H letter (it is credited for any Turbo Bumper hit). There is a relaunch period at the beginning of this mode, just as in the beginning of Tri-Ball. During Six-Ball play, you must spell CHAOS again, for 10M per letter, while keeping as many balls in play as possible (at least two, of course). Using the Smart Missile at this point will complete the second CHAOS for at least 50M, which lights the Feed T-Rex 50M.

When the second CHAOS is completed, you must Feed T-Rex, while keeping at least two balls in play. Feeding T-Rex at this point awards 50M, and lights both the Ramp and the Helicopter Pad for twin Super Jackpots. Using the Smart Missile at this point will Feed T-Rex for 50M.

The Super Jackpot base value is 600M minus 100M for each ball drained and not relaunched into play. The Ramp is worth this base Super Jackpot value, while the Helicopter Pad is worth an additional normal Jackpot value of 15M. These values both increase as in regular Tri-Ball (accumulating normal scoring switch values). The maximum value of the Super Jackpot is therefore 615M-plus-change for the Helicopter Pad. Collecting one Super Jackpot leaves the other lit. Using the Smart Missile at this point will collect both Super Jackpots.

Collecting both Super Jackpots returns to the second CHAOS mode, without launching any new balls into play. As long as at least two balls remain in play, the sequence of second CHAOS, Feed T-Rex for 50M, and twin Super Jackpots will repeat indefinitely. This does not mean, however, that this is likely to happen. ;)

If there are balls missing in the machine, this is not counted against the Super Jackpot value. If there are only three balls in the machine, for example, the Super Jackpot will still start at 600M, decrease to 500M for one drain, and then end for the next drain. Therefore, the base Super Jackpot value is not, strictly speaking, 100M for each ball in play.

Combo Shots

There are at least two Combo Shots in Jurassic Park. I believe that these Combo Shots are only available during normal play (not Tri-Ball, etc). The Combo of Ramp to Boat Dock to Helicopter Pad is worth 5M. Following this up by a shot to T-Rex is an additional 10M. These are not particularly significant and quite rare, besides.

Smart Missile

The Smart Missile is a fantastic idea, and the rules of Jurassic Park are really designed with the Smart Missile in mind. You are allowed one, only one, not zero, not two, Smart Missile per game. There is absolutely no way to get another Smart Missile in the course of a game. Use it wisely.

The Smart Missile collects everything that is lit on the playfield when it is used. This ranges from the very simple (Species Targets, Computer Screens) to the respectable (Jackpots, Feed T-Rex, Escape Isla Nubar) to the truly awe-inspiring (twin Super Jackpots, minimum award 445M, maximum 1245M-plus-change). At the very least, the Smart Missile should guarantee that you get to play Tri-Ball (Tri-Ball will be lit at the beginning of the third ball if you have not yet started it, and the Smart Missile can be used to start it).

Using the Smart Missile will collect any lit Extra Balls. If Tri-Ball is not lit, the next Computer Screen will be collected, even if the Control Room is unlit.

There are a few things which the Smart Missile will not collect. Among these are Runaway awards (lit by Mr. DNA), any Mr. DNA awards (even if you are at the Mr. DNA menu when you press Smart Missile), Park Revenue (even if lit by the Right Inlane), T-Rex Bounty or T-REX letters, any of the Hold awards (double shot on Helipad or double shot on Ramp), Advance X (even if lit), Combo Shots (obviously), and the lit (by Left Inlane) Boat Dock (no big loss, since the Smart Missile will instead hit all species targets for you).

Outlane drains deactivate the Smart Missile, but a center drain isn't registered until the ball lands in the trough. A successful Death Save or Bang Back will re-enable the Smart Missile as soon as the game notices (assuming you still had the Smart Missile).

Death Saves and Bang Backs

A successful Death Save or Bang Back, which is defined by Jurassic Park as any time in single ball play when an Outlane sensor is tripped, followed by some other sensor before the ball lands in the trough, shows a picture of T-Rex and awards 3M (originally 5M, but lowered). This is actually a very cool animation which you have to watch closely to see - a T-Rex skeleton morphs into a living T-Rex :-)

I believe that Slingshot sensors may be excluded from defining Death Saves, as these sensors are most likely to become flaky.

You cannot, of course, use the Smart Missile to receive credit for a Death Save. The Outlane sensors disable the Smart Missile.

End-Of-Ball Bonus

The End-Of-Ball Bonus is gradually increased by most targets during play. I believe it starts at a base of 100K. It is subject to the Bonus Multiplier, which progresses 1X, 3X, 6X, 9X. The Advance X shot is the Visitor's Center, when temporarily lit by the Right Inlane.

The End-Of-Ball Bonus, and likely the Bonus Multiplier as well, is held over between balls by two consecutive Ramp shots.

Unfortunately, there is a cap on the End-Of-Ball Bonus base value at 2M, for a maximum possible of 18M. This makes the Advance X shot less than tempting, especially since it is very difficult.

You can flip to accelerate the End-Of-Ball Bonus countdown, but it's blissfully short already.

During the End-Of-Ball Bonus countdown, the Tilt sensor is deactivated. This is a great time to slide the machine back into position, or whatever.

Miscellaneous Scoring

A few thousand here, a few thousand there. Pretty soon it doesn't add up to real points. So don't worry about it.


No, but there's a goat in Feed T-Rex, and plenty of dinosaurs, which are awfully cool, regardless.

Tips, Tricks, Strategies

There are two major goals in Jurassic Park, and it's quite reasonable to attempt both in any one game. One major goal is System Failure, and the other is the entire Tri-Ball and CHAOS sequence.

If you are concentrating on System Failure, there are a few Computer Screens which are probably best ignored. Among these are Bone Busting (the Ramp is not really as easy a shot as the game seems to think), Electric Fence (especially on older ROMs), and definitely Mosquito Millions. Payoffs from the other Screens are generally easier or more worthwhile.

For the first System Failure, it is easier to relight the Control Room with the Inlanes than by shooting for the Power Shed (it's a fairly tricky shot). The Ramp will always return to an Inlane - normally to the left, but two consecutive shots will return the second to the right, unless you are in Bone Busting mode - and the Control Room can be shot on the move from either flipper. The shot from the right flipper is straight and simple. The shot from the left flipper is very early - it is essential to master this shot! In fact, the earlier the better, as long as you aren't hitting the left Slingshot frame. A shot which grazes the left side of the Control Room scoop is very likely to fall in, while a shot to the right side will hit the Triceratops target and head directly for the center drain.

During System Failure, it's to your advantage to keep as many balls actively in play (not trapped) as possible, because of the delay in relaunching them. The Turbo Bumpers are obviously the best place for the balls to be during System Failure, but the Species Targets and Slingshots are also significant. I suspect that half of a typical System Failure score comes from the Turbo Bumpers, and most of the rest from Species and Slingshots.

I recommend saving the Smart Missile for use with the Tri-Ball and CHAOS sequences, unless you start several lucrative modes such as Escape Isla Nublar (93M) or Electric Fence (30M), for which the Smart Missile would be worth enough to reach a replay, and for which you aren't likely to finish the mode otherwise.

I prefer to start Tri-Ball by taunting the Raptors, as this leaves a ball in play, with which I have a chance to immediately shoot a Jackpot before other balls get in the way. In Tri-Ball and the ensuing sequences, be very careful when deciding whether or not to use the Smart Missile. The best times are when the first CHAOS is unfinished and too many balls are draining, or when the second CHAOS has started and letters are being awarded, or when the Super Jackpots are lit. There are certainly bad times to use the Smart Missile, however. If you have not yet collected a Jackpot when all but one ball drain, it is wiser to save the Smart Missile and shoot for the Tri-Ball Restart instead. If the Tri-Ball Restart is about to time out, don't waste the Smart Missile on it; using the Smart Missile immediately afterwards will relight a "real" Tri-Ball (with three balls) in the usual fashion, as well as collecting another Computer Screen.

You can begin spelling the first CHAOS immediately; you should definitely not burn the Smart Missile on this until you see at least one of the last two balls in play headed for the drain.

There is no point in working on spelling the second CHAOS until you see that CHAOS letters are being awarded (typically, this is obvious when balls that have been launched into the Turbo Bumpers are still bouncing around, and suddenly the H letter is awarded); concentrate instead on trapping balls. Balls which drain at the beginning of this mode are usually relaunched (this may be more true on older ROMs), so don't waste too much effort on making saves, and definitely don't Tilt.

In the second CHAOS, the hardest letter by far is the O on the Ramp. This is true because there are so many balls in play, making it very difficult to get a clean shot at the Ramp. Also, if you are trapping balls, it's very hard to shoot the Ramp with more than one ball on the lower left flipper at the time. Because of this and the fact that the subsequent Super Jackpot value is based entirely on the number of balls remaining in play, it is not a bad idea at all to use the Smart Missile to complete the second CHAOS, so that you can proceed immediately to Feed T-Rex and Super Jackpots of a much higher value.

During CHAOS, you can briefly get rid of balls moving down the Right Inlane by shooting either the Control Room (letter A) or Hammond's Bunker (letter C). The Turbo Bumpers are a less pleasant alternative; the ball will come out unpredictably.

When you reach the Feed T-Rex stage of Six-Ball play, you have a difficult decision to make if you still have the Smart Missile. T-Rex is a very tricky shot to reach without losing trapped balls (each ball lost will significantly lower the Super Jackpot value), and you may prefer to use the Smart Missile to collect it, so that you can shoot for larger Super Jackpots than if you had drained a few balls while shooting for T-Rex. On the other hand, the Smart Missile can be used immediately after Feed T-Rex for an enormous payoff.

I have never shot to purposely light Tri-Ball, although it's a fairly reasonable idea. You should be able to collect a Jackpot in every Tri-Ball (particularly with the Tri-Ball Restart feature), and usually make good progress on the first CHAOS (at 10M per letter), even without the Smart Missile. And on newer ROMs, subsequent Tri-Balls will have the CHAOS letters in whatever state they were when the last CHAOS mode ended. The down side is that if a CHAOS letter sensor is malfunctioning, you won't be able to collect any CHAOS letters (at 10M each) more than once in an entire game, even in subsequent Tri-Balls.

The problem with purposely attempting to light Tri-Ball is that not only do some Species Targets not register, there are a few next to the Turbo Bumpers gate that cannot reasonably be hit from any flipper hard enough to make them register. Luckily, the lit Boat Dock will spot Species Targets.

Any ball which is shot to the Boat Dock is fed to the upper right flipper. Unless the Helicopter Pad is lit for something useful (only Escape Isla Nubar and Double Jackpot come to mind), I recommend shooting for T-Rex. This is always worth something, and when T-Rex actually eats the ball, it is fed to the Right Inlane for an easy shot at the Control Room or Hammond's Bunker.

On some machines, after a Helicopter Pad or Visitor's Center shot, you can simply hold up the upper right flipper and the ball will bounce neatly into the T-Rex Paddock. This depends on the table lean and speed.

A ball which is ejected from the T-Rex Paddock will typically hit either post at the end of the plunger lane, and drop towards the left flipper. This may be different on your machine, so get used to how it behaves. If it is hitting this post, a small nudge can safely put the ball on either flipper, whichever you prefer. The worst possibility is that the ball will bounce into the Left Outlane.

I have only shot purposely for Hammond's Bunker when Mr. DNA is lit, or for the C letter in CHAOS. Park Revenue just never interested me. If you have the ball on the lower right flipper and neither scoop is lit, I recommend a simple flipper pass off the inside corner of the right Slingshot. From the left flipper, you can shoot the Raptor Pit (easier from a trapped ball), the Ramp, the Power Shed, or the Boat Dock. Note that you can also usually shoot the Raptor Pit from the right flipper (or bounce from the Egg into the T-Rex Paddock).

I have rarely purposely shot for the Raptor Pit, except when it will start Tri-Ball. Even with the Danger ball saver, it's possible for a ball to drain and roll up the side of the machine such that by the time it reaches the trough, the ball saver is no longer active. Also, the Raptor Pit is extremely dangerous during Tri-Ball play. On the other hand, it's the only useful target during Raptor Two-Ball. In any case, it is worth learning how to make shots at this target from either flipper. Also, on Hard settings, the Danger ball saver seems to be much briefer, although I am not certain of this.

There are a variety of trick shots at the T-Rex Paddock from the lower playfield. Try aiming for the posts dividing all of the features which face the lower flippers, particularly the left post of the Raptor Pit. If you have time, however, it is better to pass the ball to the lower left flipper (if it is not already there), shoot the Boat Dock, and line up an easy shot at T-Rex after the eject. If you flip too early at the T-Rex Paddock from the upper right flipper, you will sometimes graze the Captive Ball and land in the Paddock anyhow, scoring one Egg hit in the process.

I've found that Electric Fence mode really isn't worth the trouble, on older ROMs at least. The Turbo Bumpers are not generally powerful enough to generate 20 hits just for getting the ball in their area, so there's a lot of work and risk in shooting to get the 30M in this mode. The best strategy for getting safely into the Turbo Bumpers may be to shoot the Raptor Pit and intentionally drain, letting the Danger ball saver fire the ball into the Turbo Bumpers for you.

The Spitter Attack mode is really the easiest 30M in the game, because the targets are easy to hit from the lower right flipper. However, the ball will ricochet towards the Right Outlane, which may make you nervous ;)

I have always ignored Mosquito Millions and Bone Busting, and usually done nothing with Raptors' Rampage (love that opening animation, though).

System Boot is a useful Computer Screen, because collecting points from it can be done while lighting and collecting the next Computer Screen.

Learn how the Hammond's Bunker kickout works on your machine. It is designed to be slow and easy; it may graze the left Slingshot, but it should not hit it hard enough to activate it. Try holding up the lower left flipper for a simple catch. I found that this would work about half the time, with the ball bouncing over to the right flipper the rest of the time. Because of the slow speed of the kickout, I would not recommend trying to let it bounce over to the lower right flipper. Depending on the condition of the flipper rubbers, you may be able to use a dead catch (drop as the ball hits the flipper).

Mr. DNA will be lit at least once in the course of a typical game, and he's quite worth shooting for on a machine that is not in Tournament Mode, as some of the awards are quite lucrative.

I have never lit or collected an Extra Ball from the Ramp.

I wasn't shooting for the Captive Ball in tournament play, but I was usually choosing the Complete Egg award from Mr. DNA, in order to advance the Egg's value, if nothing else. Super Egg Mania is interesting but seems to usually not be worth the trouble.

Actually going all the way through the Visitor's Center left orbit is extremely difficult, for some reason. Luckily, completing the orbit is only necessary for the Advance X shot. For this reason, along with the generally low End-Of-Ball Bonus, I cannot recommend ever shooting for Advance X. At the very least, Hammond's Bunker will be lit at the same time for the Park Revenue value.

Death Saves are extremely easy on Jurassic Park, and should generate no more than one warning (sometimes none, if you're very gentle or your name is Dallas) on factory settings. This is one of the best machines on which to learn how to make Death Saves.

Note that the Outlanes on Jurassic Park are protected by posts above the entire Inlane/Outlane area. Use small nudges and slaps as the ball hits these posts to control it, directing it down towards your flippers instead of towards the Slingshots or the opposite Outlane. Jurassic Park is generally very tolerant of small nudges and slaps; these almost never add up to enough motion to register Tilt warnings (unlike many Williams/Bally games, which seem to build up momentum in the pendulum swing). On the other hand, the default settings for Jurassic Park include only one Tilt warning, which I think is very unfair for such a (usually) sensitive machine.

Jurassic Park machines sometimes randomly Slam Tilt. I can't adequately explain this. There are also problems with the T-Rex motors (which can be helped by newer ROMs), the Control Room sensor (bad diode?), and balls getting stuck in the under-playfield ramp that feeds balls to the Super VUK that feeds to the Right Inlane. The solution to this under-playfield problem is to somehow tie the ramp to the underside of the playfield so that it no longer sags and provides a hiding place for balls. The solution to other problems typically involve bending something or soldering something.

Also, beware of the several seconds after Game Over when the machine goes dead (this appears to happen only if there are no Credits remaining). During this time, the CPU is waiting for the display system to reset, and you will not receive proper credit for coins inserted (at most, only one coin will be registered).

The Movie

I've seen it. Liked it a lot. The machine follows the movie very closely.

The Book

Michael Crichton's book started the entire Jurassic Park affair, of course. I've read parts of it. It's pretty good.


I have had countless System Failures (I try to have one every game, preferably on ball one :), and lit and collected 400M+ Super Jackpots. My scores on Jurassic Park at the AMOA/IFPA tournament were generally in the 200-300M range consistently, which was usually enough to win on that machine.

My local high score is roughly 1300M. When the Power Shed sensor was faulty, my high score was 674M (work those modes for as much as possible).

Masaya Horiguchi of Data East Japan has completed the CHAOS sequences and collected both 600M+ Super Jackpots *without* using the Smart Missile!

Data East Rules

This section is an exact copy of Data East's Game & Feature Specifications pages, as provided to players in the AMOA/IFPA tournament. All of the information provided here is indirectly from Data East, and is exactly the same information printed in the game's manual.

Disclaimer: Some parts of this are confusing, and some details have been changed. For most things, what I have written in previous sections should be considered more authoritative than what is written here.

Use the fire button on the tazer gun to stun the dinosaur running across the display. The awards are 2M (ball 1), 3M (ball 2), 4M (ball 3).

The smart missile can only be used once per game and will collect everything flashing when used. For example if extra ball is flashing the smart missile will collect it for the player instead of the player having to make the shot on the playfield. In various features on the computer it will score the next available value.

Collect all six target species to complete the map and enable tri-ball lit. In tri-ball lit either feed T-REX or taunt the raptors (3 times 1st tri-ball, 5 times 2nd tri-ball, 7 times 3rd tri-ball) then tri-ball can only be started by feeding T-REX. You are now ready for dual jackpot action.

Once in TRI-BALL, both the helicopter loop and ramp are lit for Jackpot. All switches on the game add their normal score to the progressive Jackpot in the display. To score each of the Jackpots the player must shoot the ramp and loop. When one is collected it is scored and the other Jackpot continues to increase in value until collected. You are now ready for CHAOS lit with both Jackpots collected.

After scoring dual jackpots the five CHAOS letters are flashing for 5M each. If all letters are completed then the game goes into CHAOS mode. Score an additional 10M for completing CHAOS.

In CHAOS mode the game will play 6 balls. The CHAOS letter will again be flashing to be completed for 10M per letter. When the player collects CHAOS then T-REX will light for 50M.

While still in six ball play and after T-REX has been fed for 50M the playfield jackpots relight for twin SUPER JACKPOTS. TWIN SUPER JACKPOTS score 100M times the number of balls on the playfield, for up to 600M. If the player scores SUPER JACKPOTS then the CHAOS letters light again for 10M and repeats feed T-REX and SUPER JACKPOTS until all but one ball drains.

THe RAPTOR PIT starts with a set value of 3M and increases by 250K with every shot into the raptor pit. If the player shoots in and out of the RAPTORS rapidly before the danger light stops blinking, then his raptor score will add its initial value onto itself until the chain is broken and return to the last raptor score prior to wild raptor mode. When the danger light is on there is a ball freeze protector coming out of the raptor pit.

You can holdover the RAPTOR pit value from ball to ball simply by shooting the Helicopter loop twice in a row without missing. Two loops also qualifies T-REX to eat the next time a ball is in the paddock in single ball play.

Shooting the ramp twice in a row collects and hold bonus over for the next ball.

The computer has a total of twelve mini games for the player to explore and challenge. At the start of each ball the control room light above the center scoop will light. Entering the control room will award one of the lit features. After a feature is scored the turbo bumpers will randomly advance the next value. Shooting the power shed (top right scoop) will lock in the next value to be scored. if no value is lit going down the right return it will light the control room for a few seconds and temporarily lock the flashing value in place. If the player scores all eleven features then SYSTEM FAILURE is ready.

In this game the player has 20 seconds to make 20 switch closures in the turbo bumpers and sling shots to score 30M and save Timmy. If you don't collect the points Timmy will be electrocuted...

In this game the player has to shoot any of the 3 lit spitter targets on the lower left side of the playfield. Each shot to the lit spitter target makes the spitter attack Nedry. The first spit is 5M, the second spit is 10M and the third spit is 15M. Three shots prior to the timer expiring collects a total of 3M.

In this round the top right eject is lit (boat dock) for 2 ball play. When the player makes the shot into the eject the 2nd ball is issued into play. The player's objective is to shoot the Raptor pit frequently in two ball play for Raptor Jackpots. Raptor Jackpots start at 3M and add an additional 1M for each subsequent shot.

In this round the Bunker, Control Room and Power Shed scoops are lit. The player has 20 seconds to score 5M for the first, 10M for the second and 15M for the third completed. This round can score a maximum of 30M.

In this round the Raptors are loose in the kitchen and are roaming back and forth. The player scores the Raptor value every time he shoots the Raptor pit in this mode. The player can extend the time of this feature by shooting the raptor pit before the counter expires.

This feature lights extra ball on the top right eject (boat dock). The player collects extra ball by shooting the eject.

In this round the captive ball lights for 20 seconds and starts with a total value of 5M. Each and every subsequent shot scores an additional 1M.

In this round the player has 30 seconds to shoot the ball into the T-REX paddock and feed T-REX for 25M.

In this round the player has to shoot the ramp 3 times helping the raptor bust the T-REX skeleton in 20 seconds to score 20M.

After all computer features are collected the control room and power shed lights will be flashing. If the player shoots either scoop the game will start a 45 second mini-round keeping all six balls on the playfield. In this round the player scores 1M per switch closure. After the timer has expired, the flippers are disabled and all six balls are returned to the trough. The player's System Failure score is added to his existing score and a new ball is issued to the playfield and the player continues his ball in play.

Shooting the captive ball cracks the dinosaur egg. The first egg takes 3 cracks and scores 5M. The second egg takes 4 cracks and scores 10M. The third egg takes 5 cracks and scores 15M. The fourth egg takes 6 cracks and scores extra ball. The fifth egg takes 6 cracks and scores 20M and the sixth egg scores a mystery of either special lit, extra ball lit, or points. Every seventh egg scores power egg mania.

Ramp molecules are collected with every ramp shot. The first three DNA strands take seven shots to collect. DNA strands 4, 5, & 6 take 8 ramps to collect. All DNA strands after 6 take 9 ramps to collect. When a DNA strand is complete MR DNA on the bunker scoop is lit for a select pick. 50 ramps light extra ball at the boat dock. Every ramp adds to the T-REX paddock Jackpot.


  • 5M, 10M, 15M
  • Super Pops
  • Million Pops
  • Complete Egg
  • Light Special
  • Hurry Extra Ball
  • Hurry Score 15-5M
  • Hurry 2 Ball 10-5M
  • Tri-Ball Ready
  • Spitters Double Round
  • Advance Bunker 5M
  • Raptor Hold
  • Bonus Hold

In this round the player has to try to escape the island by going to the visitors center, heliport and boat dock in any order. The timer begins to count down points from 20M. Once the player collects this value, an additional 10M is added to this timer. The timer again starts to count down the added 10M - if the timer is collected before the added 10M is subtracted, this step may be repeated an additional time. The maximum score a player can accumulate in this round is 66M.

In this round all switches start scoring 250K and add an additional score of 10K to every subsequent switch closure. If the player shoots the T-REX paddock or the Galiminus target in this round he is awarded an additional 5M. In the display the T-REX will eat a Galiminus.

The T-REX jackpot starts at 5M; each ramp shot adds 100K to the jackpot value. To collect this jackpot you must spell T-REX by shooting the T-REX paddock and then feed T-REX. This value builds ball to ball, player to player, game to game.

After a replay is achieved the ramp will light for 30 seconds. During that time the player has to shoot the ramp a total of 6 times. The first 5 ramps are worth 5M and the sixth ramp is worth 25M. The total points a player can get from victory lap is 50M.

Right return lane through the pops to the upper left loop adds 3x value to the bonus multiplier. The bonus multiplier tops out at 9x.

Right return lane to Hammonds Bunker collects Hammonds Bunker value. Hammonds Bunker value is increased by the turbo bumpers.

When shoot out is available shoot the trigger rapidly to stun various dinosaurs and collect that dinosaur on the island map.

If the player loses his ball but it comes back into play instead of draining without tilting awards 5M.


Thanks to everyone who has sent notes and information which has contributed to this Guide.

I do not speak for my employer, my friends, my relatives, or my cat. In fact, I hardly even speak for myself.

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